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Elevating Brands. Engaging Advanced Practice Providers.

At Novem, we distinguish ourselves from other pharmaceutical advertising agencies through our dedicated focus on Advanced Practice Providers (APPs), tailoring our expertise to this unique audience. Our team of seasoned marketing executives works alongside key opinion leaders to transform brand strategies into innovative marketing solutions. 

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Stand Out In A Crowded Market

Our Mission: Novem is dedicated to connecting life sciences companies with Advanced Practice Providers. We are committed to fostering engagement, innovation and advancing patient care through our strategic partnerships with premier APP Foundations.


Our Strategy: Engagement, awareness, and impactful messaging. We transcend the boundaries of brand engagement by crafting solutions that connect to the APP audience.”


Our Goal: to ensure that your brand stands out to this influential audience.


Our Partnerships: As a division of tactical advantage group, we proudly collaborate with prestigious APP medical foundations.

Elevate your brand. Engage with impact. Discover the Novem difference.

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Our Solutions


partner - gastroenterelogy and hepatology advanced practice providers
Gastroenterology & Hepatology Advanced Practice Providers
Rheumatology Advanced Practice Providers
Partner - CLDF
Partner - GI health foundation


We proudly collaborate with trusted medical foundations such as GHAPP, RhAPP, APAPP, CAPP, and MAPP. These strategic partnerships empower us with unparalleled insights, extensive connections, and significant experience within the APP community, enhancing the depth and impact of our initiatives. As a division of Tactical Advantage Group, we leverage those strategic partnerships with a twenty-year legacy of excellence in medical communications.



The Growing Influence of Advance Practice Providers

Reshaping the

Landscape of


The US is experiencing a problem with patient access to care. At the same time, it’s experiencing a clinician shortage problem, two issues that are likely tied together. Data has shown that Advanced Practice Providers (APPs) are poised to fill that shortage. APPs include nurse practitioners (NPs), physician assistants (PAs), certified nurse midwives (CNMs), and certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNA). Through years of post-graduate medical education and required clinical hours, APPs are prepared to take on a key role in patient care.

In 2018, United Health Group reported that nurse practitioners and physician assistants could fill the primary care provider shortage by 70 percent should they get full practice authority.

On average, 16,000 nurse practitioners graduate from a primary care education program, and by 2025, UHG predicts the number of NPs practicing primary care will increase by 47 percent. For PAs, primary care specialists are expected to increase by 38 percent

healthcare driven by advanced practice providers

Contact Us

  • Engage in cutting-edge discussions and stay ahead of industry trends through our Virtual Industry Forums.

  • Amplify your sales efforts with targeted, non-personal sales engagement using your brand's approved marketing materials.

  • Immerse your audience in insightful peer-to-peer podcasts that provide valuable perspectives and enhance your brand's messaging.

  • Deliver concise and expertly crafted FAQ videos, addressing the most relevant questions aligned with your brand strategy.

  • Forge strong connections with our APP audience and foundations with expertly crafted branded, unbranded, and corporate email communications.

  • Boost your brand's presence on our partner foundation's LinkedIn, X, Instagram, and Facebook social media platforms.

  • Capture attention and elevate your brand’s visibility through banner advertisements on our partner foundation's websites.

  • Stay in the spotlight with push notifications announcing formulary wins, product theaters, podcasts, publications, market research, conference invitations, updates, corporate announcements, and more.

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